Since 1976


Bob Newton, the former owner and founder of the Old Brick Pit Barbeque, remembered a time when vinegar-based sauce dominated the barbeque scene of Atlanta. “That’s what we grew up with here in Atlanta.” Newton said. “When I was growing up you could go to 50 different places and get good barbeque.” By 1976, vinegar-based barbeque joints were few and far between. Newton, who was originally trained as a mechanical engineer, began to dream of the past and what could be. Later that year Bob opened up the Old Brick Pit Barbeque and with it kept the old traditions alive.

Today, the owners run the late Bob Newton’s barbeque restaurant the same way it was run when it first opened. Using a pit specially designed by Bob Newton, the meat is smoked for almost 24 hours. They serve mostly pork, slathered in a special vinegar-based sauce based on an old family recipe. The sauce alone took five years to perfect. Old Brick Pit uses only the freshest hams available. You won’t find any Butts or Shoulders, which tend to be a bit greasy and doesn’t absorb the smoke as consistently. The menu features classic barbeque treats including chopped pork sandwiches, pork ribs, Brunswick stew and baked beans.


Old Brick Pit Barbeque
4805 Peachtree Rd
Atlanta, GA 30341
(770) 986-7727